Utopia Landscapes


Utopia landscapes is a creative office which specializes in hotel design, landscape design and urban planning. Our office, based on the Filopappos hill in Athens, was founded in 2005 by the designer and landscape architect Anastasios Tserpelis, and comprises a broad range of professionals - landscape architects, architects, interior designers, horticulturists, lighting design specialists etc.

We have accumulated substantial experience in the design and implementation of urban and private landscapes, as well as in all aspects of the design of hotels and luxury tourist villas.

In urban planning, we offer a broad spectrum of services, including the full architectural design of parks and squares, home zones, green corridors, playgrounds and landmarks for public spaces

In the field of hotel design we specialise in redesigning, renovating and upgrading luxury five-star hotels and exclusive villas and residences to let. We have experience in every aspect of the architectural design of tourist resorts: the exterior hotel grounds (greenscapes, open-air bars and restaurants, luxury pools and spas) the redesign of building facades and the interior design of all types of hotel spaces (reception, rooms, breakfast areas, lounges etc.). Our design is unique and studied to the detail.

Here at Utopia landscapes, we have established our reputation as a landscape design practice by producing original and technically rigourous creative proposals, and by paying attention to detail. Our projects’ design style is pleasantly surprising, bestowing liveliness and character to urban spaces, parks, squares, home zones, hotel grounds and private exterior spaces. Each space is studied independently and transformed after a process of careful observation, inspiration and creative design. We focus especially on underlining the qualitative contribution of the greenscape (softscape) elements and we are conscious of the need to ensure a harmonious relationship between our proposal for regeneration and the broader architectural and natural surroundings of the area under study. Our final goal is, through our passion for design, to add value to every space we study, exploiting its full potential and ensuring a unique experience for its users.