Utopia Landscapes

Villa "Eftopia"

Karterados, Santorini
2019 - 2020
Work in progress
64 m2

Villa Eutopia was created on the remains of a derelict structure which was the extension of an underground cave. The reconstruction of the building and the cave gave us the opportunity to create a completely new arrangement of these spaces. The proposal of Utopia focused on visually unifying the spaces into a coherent whole. We chose to illuminate the space and open it up towards the interior garden. To achieve these goals we first redesigned the entrance to this apartment to match the ceiling arch form selected for the interior cave space. The imposing entrance arch continues inwards in the form of the cave ceiling arch, creating a sequence of spaces, linearly arranged on different levels. Each space is revealed gradually as we move towards the interiors, while the glass doors which separate them create an impression of clarity and continuity. The individual decorative elements and textures reflect the local architecture and culture.

01. 3D Rendering
02. 3D Rendering
03. Photograph
04. 3D Rendering
05. Photograph
06. 3D Rendering
07. Plan
08. 3D Rendering
09. 3D Rendering
10. Photograph
11. 3D Rendering
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14. Photograph
15. 3D Rendering
16. 3D Rendering
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20. 3D Rendering
21. Photograph
22. 3D Rendering
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24. 3D Rendering
25. 3D Rendering