Utopia Landscapes

Kolymbia Bay Art Hotel Outdoor

Kolymbia, Rhodes
2023 - 0
1600 m2

The island of Rhodes is renowned for its natural attractions, waters, greenery, forests with butterflies, and its medieval city. The Kolybia Bay Boutique Hotel was constructed along the coastal road of Kolympia in Rhodes. It consists of two multi-story building volumes housing rooms and a smaller central building serving as a reception and restaurant area. Our primary goal in renovating the hotel's outdoor spaces was to make it more outward-facing, incorporating elements of the island's cultural identity and natural environment. We aimed to enhance the ground floor rooms by adding a pool to each building, emphasizing the unified facade of the hotel and the entire complex.

As we translated our ideas onto paper, our focus was especially on the connection between the ground floor rooms and the elevated level of the road. The idea of staggered levels along the ground floor rooms of the two buildings emerged as the ideal solution. In this framework, we designated the road level as the first, established an intermediate level slightly lower, and ultimately identified the courtyard level as the third tier.

At the initial entry point along the road, we crafted a secondary path with a sequence of arched openings, drawing inspiration from the medieval city of Rhodes. Extending along the entire promenade of the hotel, we elevated water surfaces next to the path, bringing water closer to the visitor. Our objective was to subtly capture the gaze, enhance the exploration of the space, and evoke a refreshing ambiance. Amid these elongated water surfaces, strips of green accentuate the natural environment, enriching the aesthetics and providing partial privacy.

The water surfaces are arranged gradually. Approaching from the road, one observes the impressive arched openings adjacent to an elevated longitudinal water surface in the foreground, with strips of green extending at intervals. These water features from both buildings converge towards the central building and the main entrance of the hotel, captivating the attention of visitors and passersby. On the lower level, corresponding to the rooms, the water surfaces gently rise from the rooms, ensuring discreet privacy in the immediate area of the bedroom courtyard and granting guests direct access to the water element.

Throughout the study and construction process, a particularly close and creative collaboration unfolded between the Utopia office and the hotel-owning family. This collaboration proved crucial for the successful and original redesign of the hotel's outdoor spaces. The result is a distinctive and appealing outdoor environment that we hope will stand as a landmark for the region, offering a unique hospitality experience.

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