Utopia Landscapes

Laou Square

Μοschato, Attica
2011 - 2012
Public Sector
8200 m2

Our primary aim, in redesigning Laou square in Moschato, was the creation of a friendlier and more functional public space. This project´s potential stems from the possibility to upgrade and showcase the square as a small-scale park with multiple uses and extended opening hours, aimed at being enjoyed by a broad spectrum of the local population. Small thematic "rooms" have been created between parterres of greenery and tree formations. The square has been given newly-designed characteristic entrance points, comprising a network of ramps, stairs and seating forms which integrate the different ground levels in an interesting motif.

01. 3D Rendering
02. 3D Rendering
03. Photograph
04. 3D Rendering
05. Artistic
06. 3D Rendering
07. 3D Rendering
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11. Plan
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