Utopia Landscapes

Aloni Hotel in Paros

2018 - 2019
Work in progress
2145 m2

On our first visit to hotel Aloni, in the wonderful village Piso Livadi on Paros island, we were warmly welcomed into a three-building hotel complex designed in the eighties. We immediately embraced the family’s vision to redesign their hotel by combining modern design with Cycladic architecture and the heritage of Paros island. We were also keen to carefully assess and reconsider the allocation of spaces and functions on the hotel grounds, in order to ensure that all of the hotel’s daily needs are optimally met, while also creating a cozy and welcoming environment, a sense of relaxed hospitality.

With these objectives in mind, we first redesigned all the rooms on the ground floor and their pools and balconies. In this process, priority was given to creating soft flowing Cycladic curves, inspired by the local architectural heritage and landscape. The rooms were designed with a sculptural aesthetic in mind, drawing from the same sources of inspiration. They were arranged so that the room interiors and their corresponding outside spaces form a unified whole, each with its own private individually designed swimming pool. These private swimming pools provide privacy, while each is visible from within the corresponding room. Seen altogether, they frame the hotel’s buildings within a unified sky-blue design.

01. 3D Rendering
02. Plan
03. 3D Rendering
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10. Plan
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