Utopia Landscapes

Exterior Selene 5* Hotel

Methoni, Mesinia
2020 - 2021
Work in progress
400 m2

The family that entrusted our office with the project for this 5-star accommodation presented us with a unique concept: the creation of a refreshing oasis in the heart of Methoni's traditional settlement, amidst the classic stone structures topped with terracotta roofs. This undertaking posed a significant challenge for Utopia's office. Our initial focus in the study was to experiment with the outdoor space layout, granting it a central role in the design and organizing the surrounding buildings with a visual connection to this focal point.

Within the central area, we crafted an initially imposing water surface, enveloped by greenery that sporadically reaches into the water. Our goal was to evoke images of natural landscapes featuring olive trees, carob trees, and oaks. Arched openings and walls ascended beside the water, reminiscent of Methoni's castle overlooking the sea. The water envelops the hotel's lobby, offering splendid vistas from the interior. We gradually arranged the water surfaces, forming petite cascades that introduce an audible element to the overall composition. Visitor movement is guided both around and through corridors above the water, with spaces curated around and within the water.

The buildings were strategically positioned, oriented towards the internally shaped courtyard. Internal facades were designed with spacious openings facing the courtyard, facilitating visual communication between rooms and the courtyard while ensuring privacy in the apartments. The building facades feature a blend of visible concrete and local stone, allowing the structure to harmonize with the Methoni settlement's ambiance while retaining its historical character.

Utilizing greenery for shaded areas, extensive water surfaces for refreshment, employing stone, and incorporating large openings towards the courtyard all contribute to bioclimatic conditions enhancing human comfort. This design enables guests to relish their stay in the open space. Utopia's objective was to craft a lavish and distinctive experience for the accommodation's guests. Collaborating closely with the owners, our team endeavored to distill within a small area a multitude of experiences and visual elements that pay homage to Methoni's landscapes, including the castle by the water, olive trees, and characteristic stone walls.

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