Utopia Landscapes

Suite B, Senses Luxury Houses, Santorini

Fira, Santorini
2023 - 0
48 m2

The 'Senses Luxury Houses' was designed to be an accommodation where the internal and external spaces become one. Furthermore, the initial aim of the proposal was to create a composition with distinctive geometries and volumes, in line with those encountered on the island of Santorini, adapted to our era. Consequently, the building volumes project or recede in a sequence of shapes of the buildings and these spaces. In proportion, the internal and external spaces, as well as the water surfaces, project outward, giving the impression of entering the buildings. The large openings we adopted significantly helped us visually integrate the internal and external spaces. Therefore, whether guests relax indoors or in the outdoor lounges and water, they have a corresponding sense that they can enjoy the light and the view of the island with the same comfort.

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