Utopia Landscapes

Pigon Group of Space

Skala, Lakonia
2009 - 2011
Public Sector
5600 m2

The main idea behind the regeneration of this square was to create a friendly and functional public space, through the green design and the introduction of novel and contemporary elements. In terms of the overall design concept, a pattern with discernible geometric harmony was adapted to this project. This pattern guided both the selection of patterns and arrangements as well as the positioning of areas and axes of motion. Pathways of horizontal and vertical motion interlink the various elements of this square, with the main landmark being the monument. Waterfeatures were used, throughout the square, as landmarks and eye-catchers. The varying heights are unified via the linear and vertical planting motifs which cover the entire square, with selective clearings. Our aim is to use the use the elements of the softscape as a means of unifying the entire area, while also creating microclimatic conditions which are agreeable to the square’s visitor.

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