Utopia Landscapes

Bioclimatic Design of School Green Roofs

Athens, Attica
2011 - 2012
Public Sector
Completed Design Work
2362 m2

The Organization for School Buildings commissioned our office to design. Roofgardens/ green roofs on four school buildings. Our team undertook a detailed mapping and thermal? modelling of the buildings and the immediate urban surroundings, creating and detailed picture of their bioclimatic needs and the scope for improvement. Our proposal for the bioclimatic design of these school rooftops was prepared with two main criteria in mind: the requirement to improvements in the buildings' energy efficiency and our desire to inspire an ecological conscience in the students, by creating interesting and educational greenspaces.     

01. 3D Rendering
02. Photograph
03. 3D Rendering
04. Plan
05. 3D Rendering
06. Photograph
07. 3D Rendering
08. 3D Rendering
09. Plan