Utopia Landscapes

Myrtia Village Centre

Evrotas, Lakonia
2013 - 2014
Public Sector
1080 m2

The Myrtia square was fully redesigned into a welcoming and functional public open space. All pre-existing local architectural features were maintained and employed as landmarks, in order to ensure the final design would harmoniously fit in with the surrounding structures. Subspaces are versatile and multi-functional, thus rendering the new square the venue of numerous village activities.

Basic geometric motifs were used for the design of spaces and axes of movement. The subspaces are linked by parallel and transverse axes of movement, all connected to the central point of reference, the church. A striking water feature was designed as a landmark for the church area. The simple geometric lines are complemented by the use of minimalist pavings and linear tree arrangements across the square. The primary aim was to create integrated subspaces, while ensuring pleasing microclimatic and aesthetic conditions for the pedestrian.

A corridor with seating benches was created on the south side of the square, where villagers can comfortably enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the Skala valley. A grid-shaped tree cluster is created at the mid-point of the south side of the square, which creates a gently shaded area of elegant minimalism for the visitor.

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