Utopia Landscapes

Villa "Echeveria", Dome Resort Santorini

2013 - 2015
50 m2

The Villa "Echeveria" comprises a series of rooms, which we redesigned inspired by the echeveria plant, thus transforming the previously plain interior spaces into a striking sculptural synthesis. Particular elements, such as the wall, the shelves etc. are designed in this spirit. Visualising and transforming the different functional parts into such plastic forms, we ended up modifying the entire villa interiors into a primary sculpted form. 

01. 3D Rendering
02. Photograph
03. Photograph
04. 3D Rendering
05. Photograph
06. 3D Rendering
07. Photograph
08. Drawing
09. Photograph
10. 3D Rendering
11. Photograph
12. 3D Rendering
13. Photograph
14. 3D Rendering
15. 3D Rendering
16. Plan
17. 3D Rendering
18. 3D Rendering
19. 3D Rendering
20. Photograph
21. Photograph