Utopia Landscapes

Villa "Schinus Tree", Dome Resort Santorini

2013 - 2015
58 m2

This villa was named after the 'Schinus' Tree, which is quite famous for its bark´s intricate formations, a result of its normally being exposed to strong gusts of wind, by the sea. As with all the villas of this resort, we started out with a pre-existing ordinary framework and we tried to re-invent it, using the Schinus tree as a point of inspiration. We developed various sculpted forms, references to the branches or the bark of a Schinus tree. The result conveys a feeling of wondering in the heart of a forest. 

01. 3D Rendering
02. Photograph
03. 3D Rendering
04. Plan
05. Drawing
06. 3D Rendering
07. Photograph
08. Drawing
09. 3D Rendering
10. Photograph
11. 3D Rendering
12. Photograph