Utopia Landscapes

Park Floisvos

Palaio Faliro, Attica
2013 - 2014
Public Sector
23745 m2

When designing the landscape regeneration of the Agios Georgios park, our aim was simple: to create a green space where the visitor would feel they can enjoy a pleasant stroll in the countryside.

When Utopia’s design team first visited the park, we found an abandoned space full of rubble, with only very few trees. Our proposal to the local authorities was to create a green space in the spirit of the Floisvos and Stavros Niarchos parks, which would encourage social interaction and gentle sporting activities such as walking, jogging and cycling amongst the vegetation. Proceeding with this idea, we designed a series of green spaces by gently sculpting the landscape. Moreover, we developed a robust network of primary and secondary paths. These walkways were designed as flowing organic forms within the park, thus ensuring that spaces and views are partially and sequentially revealed in this undulating landscape, creating a seamless continuum of experiences for the park’s visitor. Additionally, in order to enrich and support the range of activities available within the park, we created a multipurpose open-air amphitheatre and various sitting areas with pergolas and greenery. As for the vegetation, we selected a broad variety of shrubs and trees, depending on the function of each space. Special attention was given to creating conditions of human comfort within the park by ensuring shade along all the walkways, thus making the park a pleasant destination at all times of day. Finally, we added a “sculpture forest”, an additional element of interest to be enjoyed while taking a stroll in the Agios Georgios park.

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