Utopia Landscapes

Zisimopoulou Square

Voula, Attica
2015 - 2016
Public Sector
3400 m2

The design philosophy underpinning the Zisimopoulou square regeneration centers on creating a friendly and functional communal space through green design and the introduction of contemporary elements. We aim for versatile spaces which permit multiple uses, as is necessary in the urban landscape. However, we also take care to inspire the feeling that this space resembles a closed-off small-scale park.

We design levels with soft slopes. We preserve all the existing trees but redraw and unify the spaces and axes of movement. Our aim is to use vegetation and greenscape design to create a coherent urban green space with comfortable microclimate and pleasing aesthetic forms, an attractive contemporary square which will make a difference to the lives of the local population. 

01. 3D Rendering
02. Photograph
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