Utopia Landscapes

Breakfast Area, Dome Resort Santorini

2014 - 2015
52 m2

The breakfast area of the ‘Dome Resort’ in Santorini was designed to differ from the rest of the Resort interiors. We adopted a more playful style for the main lines and the furniture. The guests are surrounded by kitchen utensils and food supplies, which are stored along the walls, complementing their breakfast appetite. The glass-and-wood cupboards mirror the traditional kitchen storage spaces used for centuries on the island. 

01. Photograph
02. 3D Rendering
03. 3D Rendering
04. Photograph
05. Photograph
06. Photograph
07. Photograph
08. 3D Rendering
09. 3D Rendering
10. Photograph
11. 3D Rendering
13. Photograph
14. Plan
15. 3D Rendering