Utopia Landscapes

The Pergola Bar, Ionian Sun Kefalonia

Lourdata, Kefalonia
2012 - 2013
40 m2

The renovation of the ‘Ionian Sun Boutique Hotel’ in Kefallonia included the full redesign of the hotel bar. Bars are key points of attraction for hotel residents, designed to encourage mingling and socializing. However, their style also defines the profile of the entire hotel. For this hotel bar we combined the organic forms of the seating areas and benches with wooden elements on the ceiling and the perimeter of the bar, to create a welcoming and stylish effect.

01. 3D Rendering
02. Drawing
03. Photograph
04. 3D Rendering
05. Plan
06. 3D Rendering
07. 3D Rendering
08. Drawing
09. 3D Rendering